Extra virgin olive oil, California farm fresh. No pesticides.
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A California Olive Oil Company

    Fresh, cold-pressed, extra virgin California olive oils are pungent and hearty in flavor. We always note the look on people's faces when they take their first sniff, then a little sip. Eyes light up with pleasure and surprise at their first encounter with this aromatic oil, then a smile crosses their faces as the oil leaves traces of peppery taste on the tongue as it passes down the throat.

    Most people in this country don't know about olive oil, and generally use tasteless oil varieties or olive oil off the grocery shelf. They are universally surprised at how delicious this oil is. Now they know what real olive oil tastes like...and it's made right here by California olive oil producers.

    You can enjoy it, too. Go to our products page and read about our different varieties. Read, too, about Joëlle Radiance, our olive oil soaps and salt scrubs.

    If you're intrigued and want to know more about olive oil like the history of olive oil, our orchard, cooking with olive oil, recipes, and the health benefits of olive oil, click on these links and there you will learn more.


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